Monday, October 7, 2013

I've Been Away For Too Long

It's been one of those years.  In fact, I've taken to calling it my Anna Karenina year, minus that whole train thing.  Unrelated, but I LOVE the 2012 version, holds up to the book.  And an eye feast for the costuming. 

Since my last post, I've divorced, moved out on my own for the first time in ages (apartment requirements were 2nd bedroom for my sewing room, and a washer dryer hookup - priorities!), and started a new Corporate America job.  And add to that, I've had my two laptops die, and now am searching and budgeting for a new one.  Crazy things guys.  All of the stress has left me completely uninspired to do anything but work on myself and have a little Sylvia Plath style alone time.  Like, no, really, I'm practically a hermit.  I've managed to unpack everything but my sewing room.  But the last two weeks, I have delved in to this project.  Get lost in sewing and refind myself is my goal here.  Also a bonus, my new job is wonky ass hours, 4 days a week I leave at 10:30 am (let's not even go there!).  That leaves so so much time for sewing!

So in this new what do I fill my non work time with gap, I've decided that it will be finally picking sewing back up.  I made a LIST.  A LIST.  Of all the projects I would like to complete for fall/winter sewing.  Then I realised that I already had a LOT of fabric already purchased for these projects.  So I spent my Saturday night cutting tiny swatches and taping them to the intended patterns.  RESPONSIBLE YA'LL!  It's a bit intimidating, however it feels good, as I can just create this list and tick all the completed projects off said list.  I've also lost a ton of weight and am almost back down to my healthy goal weight - which isn't set in stone, it's a when I feel comofrotable goal.  So in a way, not sewing has saved me time and money so that everything will fit properly.  But I will tackle that fabric stash (I didn't realise I even had that much fabric until I packed and moved it all!  12 step?  Because I still want to buy more.), and I will have a lovely new wardrobe soon. 

Meanwhile, I've been adding to my vintage pattern hoard.  And will be taking a pattern drafting class - a 3 parter - soon.  And I hear it involves homework.  But all in all, I'm ready for this.  Hopefully there will be lots and lots of posts and pics on the way!

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